The Silence of the Armchair.

"Ok, Honey. Give me your hand. Don't open your eyes yet. Careful. Ok. Keep your eyes closed. Ok, remember when we went to the petting zoo in Grapevine? And they had all those cute sheep? And we got handfuls of food from the little red vending machine and the sheep came right up to us (you especially) and nuzzled our hands, and ate the little pellets really gently right out of our hands? And do you remember how you cried a little when we left, because you didn't want to leave those little sheep behind and also because sometimes, living in the city, we forget how incredible nature can be?

Ok, and do you also remember how as soon as we got back from the petting zoo, I signed up for that furniture making class?

Open your eyes, Honey. Happy Birthday.

776daa66234e8f2f8cb71912a8ed030ad58.jpg sheep chair picture by nickcarter03

Oh, and we live at the Red Roof Inn now."

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