McTrial of the Century

be354c4529990ddcb1c1084e96d0173de6e.jpg McTrial picture by nickcarter03

Open on int. courtroom.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I'd like to enter the following items into evidence: Two blood-spattered yellow gloves; one red necktie/makeshift noose; two plastic balls (one green, one blue) that were found lodged in the victim's throat; and an extensive psychological examination of the Defendant, written in 1983, which describes the Defendant as quote, "Unpredictable," "a loose cannon," and "fueled by a dark and unquenchable bloodlust," end quote. 

Ronald's legal team rises as one.

Ronald's Legal Team: (speaking in unison) Objection, Your Honor. This evidence should have been submitted to the defense in pre-trial discovery. Also, we have reason to believe that the Prosecution doesn't love delicious cheeseburgers.

Ronald McDonald leans back in his chair. 

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