TEN QUICK QUESTIONS WITH...The Worst Person in the World!

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So what's your name, Worst Person in the World?

Faggington Douchelby. 

And what's your favorite movie of all time?

It's a tie between Dune and Any Given Sunday.

Do you have a job?

Well, I invented the show Laguna Beach, so I pretty much just lay back and collect my royalty checks. 

I am working on a book, though.

What's your book?

It's a 6,000 page trigonometry textbook written in the voice of Denise Richards. 

Do you own a car?

Because I am very rich, I usually just have the places I want to drive to torn down and rebuilt nearer to my house. 

For short errands, I ride my unicycle.

Are you spoken for, Mr. Douchelby?

I have a girlfriend. Her name is Raynewalker and she works at a vegan hair salon called "Judge Dread."

What's up with your hair?

This is how I express myself. Some people can't handle my edginess.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'd like to buy a few blocks in the "low-income" part of town and have Frank Gehry build a big museum for all the things that I like. 

What's your favorite band?

Wizard Prison.

What's on your Ipod, Faggington?

30 gigs of the sound of fatal car wrecks.

Thanks for your time, Faggington.

De nada bada bing.

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