New Business Leads

Are you the owner of a struggling business? Well, this is your lucky blogday. For just $100, I'll send you a list of TEN NEW BUSINESS LEADS that you can use to drum up sales and GET RESULTS:

1. Darren Pepsi-Cola
2. Dr. Tobias Pepper and Diet Dr. Debby Pepper
3. Bob Maganvox
4. Jerry Blu-Ray
5. Daniel Supercollider
6. Elliot Safeway
7. Mrs. Lisa MisterCoffee
8. Jimmy Cargopants
9. Richard XBox
10. Thomas Irrigation

Grow your business! Don't be afraid of success! Send me $100 and I'll send you this exact list!

sb10065782d-010.jpg businessmen picture by nickcarter03

Thanks to Chris Berry for helping to compile these leads.

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