Lion Fight

8efa92fc9aadc27ba5e007bf4fce493b00a.jpg lion fight picture by nickcarter03
Lion 1: You know what I need? I need a call sign. Like a fighter pilot call sign, like in Top Gun. 

Merlin. Oooh, or WOLFMAN.

Lion 2: I've never seen Top Gun. 

Lion 1: Yeah but you know that pilots have like nickna...what do you mean you've never 

seen Top Gun? That's absurd. Everyone has seen Top Gun. 

Lion 2: Well, I guess the more correct statement, expressed mathematically, would be 

"Everyone minus one, in which the one equals me, has seen Top Gun."

Lion 1: I am actually astounded that you managed to get this far in life without seeing 

Top Gun, without like actively avoiding seeing it. 

Lion 2: It's not like I haven't had the opportunity. It's in every video store on the planet. 

The Bahrain Blockbuster has five copies.

Lion 1: OK, so you have avoided seeing it. Why have you avoided seeing it?

Lion 2: Too much hype. 

Lion 1: Too much hype?

Lion 2: Too much hype.

Lion 1: You haven't seen Top Gun, a defining piece of American cinema, a god 

damn cultural touchstone, because you think it's overhyped.

Lion 2: Right. And I don't really like Tom Cruise.

Lion 1: So by that logic, it would be totally acceptable to for me to not read 

Huckleberry Finn, or listen to Johnny Cash, or eat a damn hamburger, because 

all those things have "too much hype."

Lion 2: I think comparing the Great American Novel to a movie about jet planes 

is a dangerous line of thought.

Lion 1: Your call sign is "Inflexible."

Lion 2: And yours is "Sheep."

Lion 1: So you knew what a call sign is this whole time.

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